Tuesday, 19 February 2008

From The Balkans To Berwick

Of course, the real answer to the immediate Berwick Question (which no one will be asking in a fortnight's time, anyway) is the restoration of equal subjecthood to those Britons living in England, by means of the extension of the social-democratic provisions enacted by the devolved body in Scotland without using its fiscal powers and by the devolved body in Wales without even having any.

But the underlying Berwick Question, of whether or not the place has the right to decide the matter, has been answered by the US, the EU and, not least, the British Government. Berwick is a great deal more distinct than Kosovo (or Taiwan - watch that space after Kosovo). Not that that's saying very much, if anything.

Indeed, I am now styling myself David Lindsay MLP, which stands for Member of the Lanchester Parliament. That body was formerly Lanchester Parish Council. But if Kosovo can declare its Parish Council to be a Parliament, then so can Lanchester. As, indeed, can absolutely anywhere else at all.


  1. I have just visited the council website. You are not a member. Explain?

  2. Oh, but I am. However, I think that the website is still mainatined by the Speaker of the Lanchester Parliament...