Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Santiago Test

As I sometimes have cause to tell people, if I wanted a government which persecuted those who engage in homosexual acts, then I'd move to Cuba. The American blockade has won the Cuban regime the sympathy of huge numbers of people who should know better.

Since there is both a Santiago de Chile and a Santiago de Cuba, I propose the Santiago Test: however you reacted to the death of Pinochet, then that is how you should react to the clearly impending death of Castro. Watch out for the people who don't pass the Santiago Test.


  1. Break Dancing Jesus20 February 2008 at 15:01

    What sort of test is this you ridiculous man? Pseudo-Mussolini of the provinces indeed.

  2. One that you've failed, bdj. Because you couldn't understand the question. Just as well that you've got that nice little unadvertised job for the independently wealthy, or you'd be on the street.

    As for being provincial, provincial is as provincial does.

    David got the BBC to stop mentioning the BNP membership of the man whose complaint brought down Derek Conway.

    David was the first person to suggest (months and months ago) that Kosovo's independence would set a precedent for Muslim parts of Britain and Hispanic parts of America. That is all over the Net today.

    David repetaed the BNP/Conway trick and got the BBC to change completely its unbalanced reporting of the Kosovo UDI.

    David has been a lone voice for years about Westminster in general and Brown in particular eventually taking back powers from the amateurs at Holyrood. That now looks highly likely.

    David predicted very early indeed that the Democrats would make Jim Webb their Vice-Presidential nominee. Obama looks set to do just that.

    I could go on. The Guardian's front page today is about the gathering head of steam against Blair as EU President.

    Now the Kosovo precedent, Holyrood powers and Obama-Webb ticket points might just prove that David is astute. Although in that case they prove that he is very, very, very astute. But he has at least twice changed the whole tenor of the BBC's reporting of a major story. You have to be a lot more than astute to do that.

    I've said before that David is the uber-uber-blogger. Everyone reads Iain Dale, Paul Staines and all that lot. But everyone who matters also reads David Lindsay. The record speaks for itself on that one.

    So on the shameful way that politics and the media recruit people like you. On constitutional reform. On the alliance of moral and social conservatives with economic left-wingers.

    On the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty just because of what's in it and without any need for a referendum. On the zero prospects for either further devolution in Wales or further privileges for the Welsh language in English-speaking areas. On the future direction of the American Democratic Party.

    On these and a thousand other issues, David Lindsay will be proved right. On several of them and several others besides, he is already being proved right.

  3. Break Dancing Jesus21 February 2008 at 09:32

    So anonymous (actually David pretending to be anonymous) you are not offended about being compared to Mussolini.

    Musso started out as a socialist who became increasingly right wing and advocated corprotist policies like yourself. When is your march/hitch hike on London?

  4. I can assure that I am not Anonymous, but that would be a futile argument. A march on London would also be futile at this stage. But hold that thought.

    I am fascinated, in the way that one cannot take one's eyes off a traffic accident, at your suggestion that corporatist policies are not left-wing.

    Not least since I know exactly who you are, you are (as Anonymous has at least guessed accurately) a living, breathing advertisement for the advertisement of political and media jobs, and for their payment at such a rate that they are open to more than the independently rich.

    But then, my critics always are such living, breathing advertisements. That is why they are my critics.

  5. He believes that being on the Left means supporting the hegemonic power of (at least second generation upper middle class) people like himself, David.

    That power depends entirely on the continuation of the current economic and political arrangements.

    And wars are fought in order to impose those arrangements on other parts of the world.

    It's such fun watching them react to you pointing out that they wouldn't be in their jobs if they were advertised or paid enough to attract normal people. Several of them here read this blog to give themselves ulcers and high blood pressure, I think.

    Whereas we read it to enjoy seeing what gives them ulcers and high blood pressure. Nobody has ever spoken to them like this in their lives. Keep up the good work.

  6. Where is bdj this afternoon? Frightened away by the pointing out that he has an unadvertised job only open to independently rich people. Like all your other critics, in fact.

    I think I enjoy saying it as much as you and Old Labour Lag do. So I'll say it again. All your critics, including bdj, are in unadvertised jobs only open to independently rich people. And they hate, hate, hate it when anyone points this out. Which is all the more reason to keep on pointing it out.

  7. "So I'll say it again. All your critics, including bdj, are in unadvertised jobs only open to independently rich people."

    Such psychic abilities.....what else can you deduce, their star sign perhaps....

  8. Oh look, another one.

    We don't have to be psychic where your lot are concerned. You are painfully obvious. That's painfully as in painfully funny.