Thursday, 13 December 2007

Policy Exchange

Following its exposure on last night's Newsnight, Neil Clark has the lowdown on this nasty little neocon outfit, whose Research Director's arrogant, petulant outburst was one of the funniest things on television for a very long time.

There are, of course, several other nasty little neocon outfits, also run by arrogant, petulant, crooked apparatchiki. Let's see them all exposed, and even I might start writing nice things about the BBC. Now, that's what I really would call "public service broadcasting".

Neil writes that Policy Exchange "very clearly has an agenda: to stir up tensions between Britain's Muslim and non-Muslim communities in order to maintain the fiction of a 'clash of civilisations' which can only be won by launching more wars and more military interventions."

Quite so. But, of course, such tensions are only possible if there are huge numbers of Muslims here in the first place, and are greatly exacerbated by the creation of Islamic states in Europe, as in Bosnia and putatively in Kosovo.


  1. Of course they believe in lying to the rest of us on principle.

    Have you noticed how Comment Is Free has banned You Know Who from writing about politics and instead made him write about music? I for one look forward to his interview with McFly. Or are they too intellectual for him?

  2. Music is political, you know. People's views on these matters are very telling, whether or not they realise it.

    Yes, I think that Godson's main complaint was that Paxman thought he wasn't entitled to lie to the common herd. They are the elite. Aren't they?