Monday, 16 April 2007

Goodbye to all that, then, Mr Benn?

In his pre-neocon days, my old friend Tom Hamilton ( used to say that "The War Against Terrorism" should be known by its acronym. Today, Hilary Benn argues for the later variant "The War On Terrorism" to be dropped. Not before time.

Like the alleged existence of "Al Qaeda", it has created the false impression that there are formal links among the movements or organisations in question (no such link has ever been established), it has obscured the real causes (right or wrong) motivating those movements or organisations, and it has prevented engagement with the true influence, because of the true character, of Islam simply as such.

Furthermore, if there really is, or has ever been, any such "War", then why is the government of a part of the United Kingdom about to include a fully armed terrorist organisation which still regards its own Fascist Army Council as the sovereign body throughout Ireland?

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