Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Challenges Continue

Very many thanks for so many responses by email to Reclaiming Socialism: Challenging The Euston Manifesto and Reclaiming Conservatism: Challenging The Henry Jackson Society. I have certainly struck many a chord! Although these projects themselves are not going to proceed exactly as originally envisaged, nevertheless they are certainly going to proceed. So watch this space...

And do keep in touch. Meanwhile, if anyone knows how one actually goes about setting up the think tank that so many people have urged me to initiate, then I'd be extremely grateful to find out.

Meanwhile, much merriment over at Well, what else do they have to keep them amused? At which point should I have stopped in order to have remained within their concentration span? And I assume that there is no hope of their actually engaging with any of these points? Probably just as well, dears.

Incidentally, there should really have been a fifteenth one somewhere in the midst of it all, about the deliberate importation of a new working class whose members understand no English except commands, know nothing about workers' rights in this country, can be deported if they step out of line, and, since they have no affinity with any particular part of this country, can be moved around at will. The old working class can then go hang, taking with it its unions, its minimum wage, its health and safety regulations, and so forth. What have the Eustonites to say about this? Nothing, it seems.

For that matter, what have the Jacksonites to say about this decidedly unconservative expression of capitalism, as all such expressions really are? And, as I should have put in my original challenge to them, conservatives, properly so called, do not use "realist" as a term of abuse.

Oh, the challenges continue, all right...

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