Saturday, 8 January 2022

The Weak In Westminster

The Week in Westminster's "interview" with Peter Mandelson was predictably despicable. Nothing about Jeffrey Epstein. And of course, no sign of the question, "Under which Leader did Labour lose Hartlepool?" The result at Batley and Spen is also going to be challenged in court, and the Labour majority at Birmingham Erdington was only 3,601, with 1,441 votes for the Brexit Party.

It has already been established that the Conservatives could win seats that had voted for Jeremy Corbyn both times, thereby offsetting the losses to the Liberal Democrats that some of us have been predicting ever since the 2016 referendum result, and which would have happened in 2020 if the 2015 Parliament had run its course, or this year if the 2017 Parliament had done so.

Very soon, the Conservatives might have picked up three Double Corbyn seats, making it clear to where and to whom their pitch was to be made, especially by contrast with the two seats that they had lost. Or the Workers Party might hold two seats, also with dramatic ramifications for the terms of the political debate, especially since one of them would be in the Pennine mill towns while the other would be in inner city Birmingham. Or Labour might have lost two Double Corbyn seats to the Conservatives and one to the Workers Party. Imagine that.


  1. The silence about Mandelson and Epstein is a huge scandal.

    1. And oddly unexploited by the other side. Starmer is being advised by a close friend of one of the world's most notorious paedophiles.