Wednesday, 19 January 2022

The Means To Realise?

There is no point making "Wokeford" jokes. In that case, then he would have stayed where he was. Christian Wakeford was one of the 100 Conservative rebels who would have brought down Boris Johnson if Keir Starmer had not saved Johnson's skin. Today, though, Johnson decided that they, and Jeremy Corbyn, had been right all along. No more vaccine passports after all.

Wakeford should be confronted live on air with each of his egregious votes, and challenged either to defend it or to recant it. He should also be confronted with the words that Tony Blair had had written into the Labour Party Constitution and which were now printed on his own membership card: "The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party." It is a Yes-No question, "Mr Wakeford, are you a Socialist?" Some of us know how to get out of that one, or how to spot people when they are trying to do so, but he would have no idea.

In welcoming Wakeford, Starmer has made it clear that Labour would not repeal any of the measures for which Wakeford had voted, and on several of the worst of which the Official Opposition had merely abstained in any case. Starmer and his ilk may be desperate to be the Clinton-Biden Democrats who were now the party of Dick Cheney. But in American terms, Wakeford is not even a Cheney Republican. He is a Trump Republican from before Trump was vaccinated. Labour has always, and not least under Corbyn, aggressively policed its left flank while having no right flank whatever. But this? Really? I mean, really?


  1. Wakeford still hasn't given an interview.

    1. Defectors are normally glad to. Yet all and sundry have been put out to speak for him, while he has been allowed only to read out a speech at a party event. That speaks for itself.