Saturday, 8 January 2022

Expose and Pursue

Michael Gove has not given up on becoming Prime Minister. But while his proposals on cladding do look like a step in the right direction, his foreign policy views remain unconscionable.

Boris Johnson will be succeeded by Liz Truss, who wants to prevent further Conservative losses to the Liberal Democrats, and to win back the seats already lost, by abandoning levelling up and by making it impossible again through realignment with Margaret Thatcher's Single Market and with the Customs Union that Britain joined while Thatcher was in the Cabinet.

Or Johnson will be succeeded by Rishi Sunak, who would not have chosen levelling up in order to offset losses to the Lib Dems by winning seats that had voted for Jeremy Corbyn both times, but who may be prepared to pursue such a strategy, and who is committed to retaining the full Brexit that makes it possible.

At Hartlepool, the Conservatives have already made one such gain. Truss and Sunak both know that it can be done. But Truss certainly does not want to do it. It is possible that Sunak might.


  1. Starmer and Streeting could then oppose Sunak from the right and let's see how they'd get on.