Friday, 12 January 2018

Here's The Rub

Kelvin Hopkins may or may not have done something that he should not have done. But he did at least two things that he should have done.

He was the first MP to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for Leader of the Labour Party. And he campaigned for Leave, on all the good Old Labour grounds that, based on the map, did in fact carry the day. 

Hence the fuss over him, but not over, for example, Keith Vaz. Or is Hopkins accused of something worse than betraying his wife with rent boys for whom he had offered to buy cocaine?

For that matter, is he accused of something worse than having arranged over drinks, and then  of having defended publicly, an influential and well-remunerated public appointment for a friend who had supplied Class A drugs, who had dressed as a woman in order to assault lesbians sexually, and who had participated in a eugenics conference with neo-Nazis and with an advocate of the rape of drugged children?


  1. based on the map, did in fact carry the day.

    What “map” was that “based” on? The Leave heartland where the majority voted Leave, was here in the South.

    1. No, it was not. You are literally the only person that I have ever come across who suggests that. Everyone else can read a map.