Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Side Orders

Whoever that person was who resigned yesterday as Leader of Haringey Council, I hope that she is as proud as she ought to be to enjoy the support of Simon Henig, who has deprived 472 Teaching Assistants of 23 per cent of their pay, and who has faked a death threat against himself and dozens of other Councillors in order to prevent an opponent of that cut from being elected to Durham County Council.

More interestingly, however, she also enjoys the support of Nick Forbes, who is a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, and who therefore voted in favour of its unanimous resolution condemning the Haringey Development Vehicle. How does he explain that? He must have changed his mind in a matter of hours. As, of course, anyone is entitled to do.

I trust that both Councillor Henig and Councillor Forbes endorse Laura Pidcock's candidacy against mine for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham. And I trust that she accepts their respective endorsements, thereby signalling her support for the HDV and for the Council Leader behind it. That one is easy, since Henig and Forbes are both now of that view.

Matters become more complicated in relation to another member of Labour's NEC, Jon Lansman, whom George Galloway now proposes to sue for libel. I am keeping entirely out of that, since, while both are friends of mine, neither is a political supporter. But Ms Pidcock cannot do that, since both are supporting her against me. In which case, whose side is she on? Jon Lansman's? Or George Galloway's?

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