Thursday, 11 January 2018

Conference Calls

The real point of the story that John McDonnell is going to the World Economic Forum in Davos is that the World Economic Forum has invited him.

Elsewhere on the conference circuit, if anyone has listened to Nietzsche, then Hitler would never have been allowed to read his books. And if anyone had given effect to eugenics, then there would have been no Toby Young.

For all the faults of Private Eye, we ought still to be glad that it exists. Herewith, the smoking gun:

Just as it is notable that the World Economic Forum considers John McDonnell an appropriate invitee, so it is notable that the organisers of this event, and of others like it, considered it appropriate to invite Toby Young.

Imagine, just imagine, that pretty much anyone who had ever so much as met Jeremy Corbyn, and certainly anyone who was in any way associated with him, had kept company remotely comparable to this, or had even been found to have been invited to an event in anything remotely approaching the same vein. Yet those who appointed and defended Young go to the very, very top.

Young remains Director of the New Schools Network, a charity that draws 90 per cent of its income from the State. What say the right-wing media to that? It has received no successful applications since before the 2015 General Election, yet it continues to pay Young £90,000 per annum. Again, what have his supporters to say there?

This case has lifted a lid that will not soon or easily be put back down. In the meantime, John McDonnell is going to the World Economic Forum in Davos. The World Economic Forum has invited him. Think on.


  1. Everything a bit juicy on any Momentum Facebook group is in the papers, on the telly and on Guido within an hour. How come it took a student newspaper to notice that Toby Young was attending eugenics conferences with neo-Nazis and paedophiles?

    1. Quite. Toby Young is like Harvey Weinstein. Everybody always knew, but now they are all pretending that they didn't, if only by saying nothing at all.