Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Transfiguration: Vision Before, And After, Fission

I cannot improve on the words of Fr Dwight Longenecker:

At the Transfiguration Christ's glory is revealed to the Apostles in the midst of Elijah and Moses because they were given the same grace: Moses on Mt Sinai, and then Elijah on Mt Horeb (and did you know that Horeb is just another name for Sinai?) 

So Elijah went to the same holy mountain where Moses had encountered God. But their epiphanies were complementary. Moses beheld God in the earthquake, fire and thunder on the mountain. Elijah in the still, small voice. 

Both pointed to the coming of Christ the Tiger. He who comes with the power and majesty of God, but in the form of the meek and gentle Master. He is both the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God.

Those of us whose spirituality is centred on Eucharistic Adoration should make a particular effort to keep all the Feasts of Our Lord, in the Extraordinary Form where discontinued in the Ordinary, and whichever of the Eastern Rites if not featured in the Latin.

Every year, I try and weave together Hiroshima and the Transfiguration. Alas, I have never managed it. But ponder this.

While the atom bomb has been used, nuclear weapons such as exist today never have been. By anyone. And look at the people who have had them, or who still have them. Stalin never launched a nuclear attack. Stalin. Nor did Chairman Mao. Theresa May is many things. But she is no Chairman Mao.

It is all a bluff. Just get rid of these wretched things. We could pay the affected shipyard workers quite eye-watering sums in compensation, and still save amounts that there were scarcely the adjectives to describe.

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