Friday, 4 August 2017

Let The Abundant Fruits Be Harvested

Although I am open to correction, this does not appear to have been published anywhere:

Dear Sir,

We warmly welcome the billion pound investment in jobs and services in Northern Ireland. We call for Scotland, Wales, and each of the nine English regions to receive the same per capita.

Anything less would make a mockery of the very names of the Conservative and Unionist Party, and of the Democratic Unionist Party.

The DUP has never disputed the existence of the so-called Magic Money Tree. At least in practice, that existence is now fully acknowledged by the Conservative Party as well.

Let the abundant fruits of that Tree be harvested throughout the United Kingdom. 

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay (journalist and activist, Lanchester, County Durham)
Professor Geoffrey Hodgson (Research Professor in Business Studies and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Institutional Economics, University of Hertfordshire)
Neil Clark (writer and broadcaster)
James Draper (journalist and activist, Lanchester, County Durham)

It might have done better if it had been sent over the scores of signatures from academic economists, trade union leaders, commentators and activists that it would have borne if not for the ongoing campaign against me by the nominally Labour Leadership of Durham County Council.

That Leadership, of course, has done nothing but preside over other people's poverty, but very visibly not its own, for 32 years and counting, and it is determined to keep things that way.

Hence its campaign against me, resulting in no sign of the 50 to 100 signatures, including household names, that would otherwise have appeared on this letter.

And hence its campaign against me, resulting in no sign of the significant progress that would by now to have been made in bringing the whole of Volkswagen production for the British market to County Durham after, or in preparation for, British withdrawal from the European Union.

That project is still there, in the background. But Simon Henig and his mob are determined to drag me through the courts rather than see the serfs that they so despise be offered those thousands of jobs.

Doing this much damage is how Henig earned his CBE. What the hell must he have to do in order to be knighted?


  1. I love the way the Volkswagen project involves the unions and every Group on the Council. Except Labour. In your own immortal words, "The Labour Group would not be sympathetic to this proposal" of proper jobs for the common people. "This new company would undertake to match (by such means as to avoid any conflict of interest) the Members’ Initiative Fund of £2000 per annum at the disposal of each of the Councillors who were represented on its Board of Directors [everyone except Labour]. It would underwrite the cost of the activities of Durham Unite Community. It would underwrite the Durham Miners’ Gala. And it would underwrite the cost of maintaining the Durham Miners’ Hall." You're a genius.

    1. I loved the way David, copied to all the right people over here, just went and emailed the head of Volkswagen like they knew each other. Maybe they do? But then David just went up to Jeremy Corbyn at a funeral and offered him a magazine column, which he accepted. And he got one of that magazine's God spots to be written by the only man allowed to preach to Pope, just like that. If you know that you are the Great David Lindsay, you can do whatever you like.

  2. Shadow Cabinet level stuff. Cabinet level stuff. How are you not our MP? I mean, how? How is that even possible?

    1. The legendary Neil Fleming is instead. Isn't he?

  3. Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet my arse
    More like in the closet

    1. Yes, Neil, it is difficult to think of your arse (if one must at all) without thinking of the closet. Or vice versa.