Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Leading Britain's Conversation?

Owen Jones's stint on LBC, possibly leading to a permanent gig, will be yet another example of his treatment by the media as if he simply were "the Left" in Britain.

Hence the assumption that it was all over for Jeremy Corbyn when Jones tried to oust him in favour of his mate, Clive Lewis.

Even the failure of that did not stop his, as it were, momentum.

But the reality is that he is nothing more than a licensed impersonator whose monopolisation of the seat furthest to the left serves to keep out its more rightful occupants even in this Age of Corbyn.

Although it is notable that even Jones is probably growing tired of The Guardian and looking for a change of scene. Who will get his Weekly Lefty column? Who would want it?

Meanwhile, people who want to hear a really left-wing voice, both in itself and engaging with the audience, will continue to tune in to The Mother of All Talk Shows between seven and 10 o'clock on Friday evenings, on talkRADIO.

Hosted by the one and only George Galloway, a man whose contribution to the Left has been rather greater than Owen Jones's licensed impersonation of the kind of person that would never be invited on.

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