Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Far From The Efficient System Trailed

There are those who think that I bear some kind of grudge against Laura Pidcock. But unlike almost anyone else in this constituency, I already knew her when she became the Labour parliamentary candidate here. She is practically certain to be my MP until I am well over 70, and quite possibly until I am 80. And she does seem to have taken the lead in organising this:

We are concerned about the Department for Work and Pensions’ proposed rollout of universal credit (UC) in our constituencies during November and December.

There is a real worry that the introduction of UC at this time will cause extreme hardship for many people in vulnerable situations, exacerbated by the financial burdens of the festive period.

We understand that the proposed changes were designed to make the social security system simpler, more reactive to individuals’ issues and more efficient.

However, evidence from other parts of the country where UC has been introduced already, shows that it is far from the efficient system trailed.

In many cases, recipients have had to wait seven weeks for payment of the benefits.

This puts an incredible strain on individuals and we have seen in other areas an increased use of food parcels during this period.

There are also issues around the removal of the severe disability premium, which leaves many disabled people in a precarious position.

In addition, although there is a provision for crisis loans, the mandatory paying back of £150 in three lump sums of £50 adds a further strain on individuals who are already in a difficult financial situation.

Overall, the rigid nature of this approach can exacerbate the debt of those in receipt of UC.

The current timetable will cause our residents severe hardship over the months which are most financially difficult.

We urge David Gauke, secretary of state for work and pensions, to instruct his department not to roll this system out in November and December, but look to a date later in 2018.

Laura Pidcock, Alison McGovern, Bambos Charalambos, Caroline Lucas, Carolyn Harris, Chris Law, Eleanor Smith, Fiona Onasanya, Geraint Davies, Helen Goodman, Helen Hayes, Ian Mearns, Jack Dromey, Jess Phillips, Jon Cruddas, John Cryer, John Mann, Justin Madders, Kate Osamor, Kevan Jones, Khalid Mahmood, Margaret Greenwood, Mike Amesbury, Preet Gill, Richard Burden, Roger Godsiff, Stella Creasy, Steve Pound, Tonia Antonazzi, Tracy Brabin, Virendra Sharma

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