Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Exit On The Right

These are the last days of the right-wing papers.

No one much reads the Telegraph anymore, and if they did, then they would be reading Tom Welsh's whinge that the education of the lower orders meant that they no longer knew their place, leading to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn.

(No one is any longer even bothering to pretend that students or young graduates resent him for having "betrayed" them over student debt.)

Over at Murdoch Towers, no one thought to stop the publication of Kelvin MacKenzie's comparison of Ross Barkley to a gorilla, and now no one has thought to stop publication of Kevin Myers's suggestion that the BBC paid Jews more because they were Jews.

The Diana Industry keeps the Express going, although that is a fairly niche market. It would be interesting to know how many younger people realised that Prince Charles had been married twice, so that his present wife was not the mother of his sons.

And the Mail's American online readership will see it through, although none of those is logging on for the politics.

The rest of them, though, are doomed.


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