Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Doped For Too Long

The drug death figures today are horrifying, but unsurprising.

There cannot be a “free” market in general, but not in drugs, or prostitution, or pornography, or unrestricted alcohol, or unrestricted gambling.

That is an important part of why there must not be a “free” market in general, which is a political choice, not a mere law of nature.

Enacting and enforcing laws against drugs, prostitution and pornography, and regulating alcohol, tobacco and gambling, are clear examples of State intervention in, and regulation of, the economy.

We need a single class of illegal drug, with a crackdown on the possession of drugs, including a mandatory sentence of three months for a second offence, six months for a third offence, one year for a fourth offence, and so on.


  1. You really are a mate of George Galloway's, aren't you? And a candidate for the Executive of the Fabian Society. This is a throwback to the far better days of that.

  2. You really are a mate of Giles Fraser's, too. He put the Old Left anti-drugs line the last time it was the issue on The Moral Maze, demanding the Met arrest the drug dealers in his churchyard.

  3. You should stand for Police and Crime Commissioner in 2020.