Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Full Text, Indeed

The complete Corbyn speech is here.

Richard Heller's reaction to the use of his work is here. What was Corbyn supposed to do, read out a footnote?

The Daily Politics had to come off air a quarter of an hour early, with BBC Two showing a filler and BBC Two HD a blank screen, because the audience had reacted so angrily to its biased coverage.

Lance Price was the only guest. We look forward to Lord Ashcroft as the only guest when The Daily Politics covers David Cameron's speech next week.

Not that any real lesson had been learned.

Come Newsnight, and on came Allegra Stratton, who is the Political Editor of that programme because her husband is the Political Editor of The Spectator and she dines with the Camerons at home. James Landale, an old schoolmate of the Prime Minister's, is similarly blessed.

Stratton banged on about "Corbynistas", while dismissing the speech as "not a programme for government". Apparently, as a BBC staffer, it is her place to say that.

In the midst of all of this, the polls have loved the speech, and the no-dog-in-the-fight foreign coverage has been uniformly favourable.

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