Wednesday, 30 September 2015

It's All Blowing Up Now

Would David Cameron ever press the nuclear button? Has anyone ever asked him? When will they?

It would be a great deal worse to have on that button the finger of anyone who might ever consider pressing it. By definition, such a person is a psychopath.

Enoch Powell said to vote Labour in 1987 because of nuclear weapons. People remember the 1974 exhortation to do so because of the EU, but not that. Nevertheless, it happened. 

If Germany does not need these things, then why do we? If the Germans are relying on ours, then why do we have to pay for them, when the Germans are far richer than we are?

Trident submarines are in any case tracked by the Russians. So the whole thing is useless, at least if that is the target.

And it is not ours, anyway. Trident cannot be used without the permission of the President of the United States, no matter who or what that might be. We merely foot the bill.

Trident might very soon belong to Donald Trump or, far more probably, to Hillary Clinton. At our expense.

How have "our" nuclear weapons ever worked to keep the peace? This country has been at war for almost the whole of the present century, which is most of my adult lifetime, and I am starting to get on a bit.

Look at the enemies against which and whom we have fought wars. Not only was none of them deterred in the slightest by "our" nuclear weapons, but if we did not use them against any of those, then against whom or what, exactly, might we ever conceivably use them?

The whole world knows the answer to that one, and it behaves accordingly.

We have Trident instead of an Army, a Navy or an Air Force.

We had the mightiest Navy that the world had ever seen, before nuclear weapons were thought of. But now, we have Armed Forces so run down that they could fight almost nothing and almost nowhere.

Never mind, though. At least we still have Trident.

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