Saturday, 26 September 2015

Crossing Point

As John McDonnell led, and led successfully, for Shaker Aamer, so Jeremy Corbyn is leading, and is leading globally, for Ali Mohammed al-Nimr.

The dangers to national security are the puppets of Saudi Arabia. On both sides of the House, the vote on bombing Syria will flush them out.


  1. Now we know why Corbyn resents HMQ. He thinks she's a Reptilian from Zeta Renticuli.

    When he enters Downing Street, his first action will be to make Full Disclosure from the steps of No. 10.

    We are hoping he'll then ally with the Space Brothers, as Nordic Aliens are natural conservatives.

    We hope he doesn't make the same mistake as Ike who, as you may know, entered into treaty relations with the Greys, resulting in cattle mutilation and human abduction.

    For the avoidance of doubt, that was his only mistake.
    We still like Ike and massive retaliation, not to mention Suez and the liquidation of outdoor relief for toffs in the form of the British Empire.

    Thatcher's Child

  2. Someone has had one hell of a Freshers' Week.