Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Keep It Co-op

John Woodcock writes:
I am proud to be a Labour and Co-operative member of parliament.

Working together – with the support of the co-operative movement – for the best part of the last century our two parties have achieved important social and economic change. This must continue.

The Co-operative party provides a vital political voice for the co-operative movement and for those people who believe in a society and economy where power and wealth are more evenly shared.

The very act of co-operation is political.

For over 150 years, working people have been setting up co-operatives to defend themselves against the excesses of the market and working together to improve their own lives.

While some of the challenges we face today are different, the movement’s cause remains the same.

Co-operative ideas are capable of shaping modern Britain.

We are challenging broken markets in energy, childcare or financial services; demonstrating that there is a better way of doing business which delivers long-term growth and value rather than simply short-term profit for private shareholders; and showing how parents, patients and passengers can have a stronger voice in the running of public services that they rely on.

Since it was founded in 1917, the Co-operative party has been a voice for a fundamental change in the way our country works.

It is the guardian of the co-operative movement’s powerful values and inspiring vision, and a vital tool in achieving its profoundly political objectives.

The Co-operative Group will be balloting millions of its members in the run-up to its May AGM on whether it should continue to support the Co-operative party to do this vital work.

The Keep It Co-op campaign is making the case for a ‘Yes’ vote and I hope you will support it.

We can create a stronger, fairer and more sustainable future together.

If you agree with me please back the Keep It Coop campaign here.

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