Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Envoy Vey

Yesterday, the Government suppressed a long-anticipated report into Britain and the Muslim Brotherhood. It did so on the orders of Saudi Arabia. Hardly anyone seems to have noticed. Almost no one seems to care.

And yesterday, the expected reason for Tony Blair's long-overdue dismissal as Middle East Peace Envoy failed to materialise after all.

As a British politician of any importance, Blair is Zionist to a fanatical extent without historical or contemporary parallel apart from that of the sacked Michael Gove, who in any case has never had any formal role in foreign policy.

Therefore, Blair had been facing removal at the insistence of an Israeli Government that, even though the very word "Zionist" was in the name of its leading party, was still a great deal more moderate than he was.

If he had held on until the end of this week, then he would have held on altogether.

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