Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Green Is The New Yellow

The SNP wants people in England to vote Green.

Last time, the SNP wanted people in England to vote Lib Dem.

How did that work out?


  1. David Cameron can be smart on leaving the door open to a UKIP coalition like Ed Miliband has left the door open to the SNP, by simply ruling out Cabinet positions for UKIP but not ruling out a confidence-and-supply deal of policies for votes (which is what the SNP and UKIP want).

    Nicola Sturgeon reaffirmed that yesterday-she wants more powers for Scotland and more English taxpayers money for her people in return for supporting Labour, not Ministerial positions.

    Ed Miliband hasn't ruled anything out.

    Similarly UKIP is clear it doesn't want Cabinet positions either.

    Nigel Farage told the Telegraph today; "I have absolutely no desire to swap the chance to get Britain out of the EU for some grandee position in government," he says. " The EU is facing an existential crisis and, given that it only takes a few weeks to launch and organise a referendum, it should be held in 2015""

    There we have it. Cameron can do as Miliband did with the SNP (and just rule out what they don't want anyway) and leave the door open to UKIP.

    He's a cunning chap and knows this well.

    1. UKIP will be lucky to have three MPs, and mainstream Tories are already saying that they would sit as Independents rather than support any Government with Kippers in it. Not even Ian Davidson has said that about the SNP.

  2. Well if the SNP says vote Green they are right, from their perspective.

    If you're Leftwing, by all means vote Green-they're the most Leftwing party out there. Policies include inheritance tax to be levied on gifts even while the person is still alive, imports to be taxed on "ecological impact" airports nationalised and private schools to pay corporation tax.

    Open door immigration to abolish "racial prejudice" and the monarchy to be abolished to bring in a "democratic Head of State".

    If you're a Leftist, what's not to love?

    If you're a patriot, though, you obviously vote UKIP.

    1. We shall see how "obvious" any of that is when the seats are counted up.