Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Now That The Silicon Chips Are Down

Reconstruction after breast cancer is obviously a different matter, but this whole sorry business with cosmetic silicone implants follows logically from the classification of femaleness as in itself a medicable condition by means of the contraceptive pill.

That is not in fact a medicine at all. It is a poison, being designed precisely to stop healthy body parts from performing their natural functions, and being attended by all manner of horrific side effects accordingly. The Pill, in turn, has wrought havoc by filling our water supply with synthetic oestrogens.

Maleness itself has also been so classified, leading to the heavy medication of boys simply for being boys, by means of Ritalin and other powerful "treatments" for largely or entirely invented conditions. The impact of antidepressants on the rise of violent mental illness also calls for the most unflinching examination.

As does the impact of cannabis on the rise of schizophrenia, and by extension also on lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, brain tumours, serial miscarriage, low birth weight, male and female infertility, impotence, and a huge number of other conditions.

Let this whole can of worms be opened wide. Not a moment too soon.

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