Thursday, 22 December 2011

Little Black, Indeed

Tellingly, and despite having a Guaraní name, Uruguay is almost entirely white, with very few people of black African descent and almost no Amerindians. Funny how no one seems to be mentioning that in relation to Luis Suárez.


  1. You have seen Dan Hodges' post claiming that they speak Portuguese in Uruguay, I see. Reminds me of his namesake, Dan Quayle, who thought that they spoke Latin in Latin America.

  2. Quayle was a signatory to the PNAC. And Tony Blair managed to be Prime Minister without knowing that they spoke Portuguese in Brazil, something that most of us cannot remember a time when we did not know. It must be a neocon, and therefore a New Labour, thing.

    What is now Uruguay was in fact carved out the Empire of Brazil as a buffer state, against Argentina and allied to Britain. That ought to be borne in mind in the course of certain rather more important present events.

    But you are right, they speak Spanish there; the Portuguese had only lately annexed that territory when Brazil became independent.

  3. Poor Mabel has had to close comments on the Hodges post because so many people were calling him out for thinking that "negrito" was Portuguese.