Saturday, 10 December 2011

All The Wrong People

Iain Duncan Smith is a very great man, removed on the Blairite rolling news channels because he had threatened to turn the 2005 Election into a proper contest both between parties and between ideologies. Ed Miliband, watch out.

Today, in stark contrast to this week's dutiful reporting of a call for next summer's school exams to be moved in order to accommodate a televised football tournament as if that were a perfectly reasonable suggestion, but very much in the spirit of his own work for the poor and disadvantaged, IDS has sent a very firm signal.

A signal that even at Cabinet level there is now someone who does not even pretend to prostrate himself to the professionally illiterate, drunken, drug-addled, sexually incontinent thugs who are offensively presented as the faces of the working class by the public school media types who alone can still afford any great interest in an activity which is plastered across prime time television, at whatever inconvenience to other viewers, despite the fact that such coverage actively encourages wife-beating.

Every bubble bursts eventually. When will this one?


  1. Look, I remember you always getting picked last. But you were well liked in general, you were back as a governor within four years of leaving, you kept that for longer than you had been a pupil and you chaired the committee that dismissed our old PE teacher's appeal against dismissal. As you would say, get over it.

  2. I can see where this post is coming from, but I can also see where the first comment is coming from. You have written in the past that politicians trying to get in with footballers, churchmen compromising on sex to please promiscuous beautiful people and that sort of thing is all about still trying to join the cool kids who would not let them in at school or they would never have ended up as politicians or churchmen. I think you are right about that but you need to take your own advice. Still wanting to punish them is as bad as still wanting to be them.

  3. You don't even mention the way that football clubs can get planning permission where no-one else would.