Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ealing Tragedy

How many local authorities are now going to have control of their schools taken away from them?

After decades of teaching both children and adults that sex between adults and children, especially teenage boys, was normal and healthy. Even requiring as a condition of certain employment the attainment and periodic maintenance of qualifications requiring one at least to read, if not to write, such material.

And after decades of putting it all into practice in their "care homes" and similar institutions.

At least the Catholic Church has always taught against this sort of thing. Those who engaged in it were breaking the rules and they knew it, however imperfect the institutional response might sometimes have been. Not so, the Church's smuggest and fiercest critics. Who now scent blood in their long-running battle for control of Her schools. And who are almost never so much as investigated, no matter how clear the case against them. I wonder why not?

All of this, I might add, was a pioneering example of something that is now endemic, and universally regarded as a good thing by central government and its attendant adolescents, namely the running of councils by the staff instead of by the councillors.

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