Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mandy and Mil-E

Who cares what Old Mother Mandelson says about anything? He would still have been in the Cabinet if Cameron had won outright, as had been publicly announced months before the Election, compromising not one jot either his then Cabinet position or his Labour Party membership.

James Purnell was to have been restored to (No) Work and (Barely Any) Pensions, Andrew Adonis was to have been given his dream job of Education, and a party's acceptance of this as the permanent state of affairs was to have been built into the definition of "the Centre Ground". This was all made perfectly clear, and scarcely reported because such arrangements were no longer news.

But things did not quite turn out at instructed. Ho, hum, many of the lower-profile appointments from this fully public scheme have nevertheless been made. And many more will be. To little reportage and almost, if almost, no comment. Such things are now no more reported or commented on than the rising of the sun, and rather less so than the turning of the seasons.


  1. Yawn. Another Lindsay lie. Propogated by the fact he never lets up dissenting comments that prove this isn't true. As will no doubt happen here

    Yu should know, though, that people are laughing at you everytime you wheel this out. You do know that, don't you?

  2. I think he does know and that is why he is so angry. As someone said, we've got our party back.