Saturday, 21 February 2009

Son of Thatcher, Grandson of Thatcher

Tony Blair is now pretty much universally recognised as having lied this country into war purely in order to enrich himself in retirement. Meanwhile, the process of right-wing self-criticism brought on by that war is at last bringing about the recognition of the fact that Margaret Thatcher did no conservative and many extremely anti-conservative things.

Thus are Blair and Thatcher coming to be seen as in twin figures, each of them still venerated by (very much the same) dwindling band of half-educated yet over-educated fanatics. But both of them regarded as quite beneath contempt and beyond derision by everyone else, while history is now kind to Jim Callaghan, is increasingly so to John Major, and will come to be so to Gordon Brown.

David Cameron, on the other hand, would be the next Blair, just as Blair, in his time, was the next Thatcher.

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