Wednesday, 25 February 2009


There was no reason to cancel PMQs today, nor to refer to the Right Honourable Member for Witney as "David", especially since he prefers "Dave" anyway.

This does not happen after Gordon Brown's weekly count of those of his, Blair's and the Tories' victims whom he wickedly claims have "given their lives for this country" (for Blair's bank balance, more like) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

No other place of work would suspend its normal business because an employee's small child had died. A card would be passed round, that sort of thing. But work would go on.

The impression given was of a club, not a workplace. And not a House of Parliament.


  1. H'm bit against the main body of opinion here. I do rather agree with some of the comments, however. Business as usual but with a sombre mood could have been managed. Then Mandyslob brings a sensitive piece of politics a day forward. Labour, never trust them. Never.

  2. Actually, there was any amount of stiff that could have been discussed today - Obama's Address, Iran's nuclear facility, the non-compensation in Northern Ireland, Richard Williamson's return to these shores, all sorts.

  3. Call it the Lindsay effect. David has absolutely infallible political antennae:

    For any given political issue, see what David thinks about it. And then, with absolute conviction, you can know that the opposite is the right position to hold.

  4. No surprise that you think Parliament is a club, not a workplace, Jon.