Sunday, 15 February 2009

Posh Girls Do Fall Pregnant, Too

And posh boys make them pregnant.

But they have abortions.

If that is what the screeching pseudo-conservatives prefer, then they are truly the heirs of Margaret Thatcher (who also gave this country massively increased benefit dependency) and her reign of moral chaos, not least including the legalisation of abortion up to and including partial birth, to which all those seeking to be on Labour all-women shortlists must subscribe.

Here in North West Durham, Labour is about to impose an all-women shortlist. The Labour candidate here next time must be a supporter of partial-birth abortion. No one else will be eligible to seek the nomination. Exactly who she will be is neither here nor there.


  1. Do you ever wonder why, when you post these blog posts word for word on other blogs like coffeehouse, no one ever engages with you or replies to you on them?

  2. Oh, but they do.

    And a LOT of people email me about stuff on Coffee House.

  3. You have certainly got a response to your CH comment today about Mulgan and all that.

  4. I have replied to it. And someone has replied to that.

  5. Cath, you look very stupid. David is right in the middle of today's biggest Coffee House discussion.