Monday, 16 February 2009

More Joy In Heaven

Even Harry's Place is coming round about what really happened in Bosnia. But Neil D can speak for himself when he says that the pioneering jihadi character of the Western-backed side was something "which few picked up on at the time, and which has been largely ignored since".

For example, some of us certainly "picked up on", and have certainly not "ignored", the Kravice Christmas Day Massacre of 1993. Black-shirted in deference to their fathers and grandfathers, the militias of a Western-backed Wahhabi rabble-rouser and unrepentant old recruitment sergeant for the SS left Srebrenica in the early hours. They took Kravice by surprise, slaughtering forty-nine men, women and children.

However, that was but a small proportion of their 3500 and more Serb civilians victims between 1992 and 1993 in that area. Of the thirty villages that made up Kravice municipality, twenty-six remain uninhabited even now. (Consider that in 1993, the former Bolivian President, García Meza Tejada, was convicted of "genocide" for the deaths of precisely eight people.)

And for what? What did this Western-backed genocide achieve?

As some of us have certainly "picked up on" rather than "ignored", the state schools of Sarajevo have now banned the white-bearded figure known to Croat children as Dred Božinjak (Father Christmas), to Serb children as Božik Bata (Christmas Friend), and even, for the last fifty years, to Bosnian Muslim children as Deda Mraz (Grandfather Frost).

Expect these schools, and other public institutions, to enforce Islamic dress codes, dietary laws and so forth in the very near future.

The Republika Srpska will declare independence sooner rather than later, and will deserve every support when she does. The Bosnian Croats are also coming round. The West backed the wrong side in Bosnia, as also in Kosovo, where the Wahhabism and the Nazi nostalgia are mixed in with heroin-trafficking, prostitution, and the Maoism of Enver Hoxha.

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