Wednesday 1 May 2024

Eve of Poll Card

Kim McGuinness insists on pronouncing it Mare. That is almost enough reason to wish for four years in which to refer to her as Mare McGuinness and McGuinness the Mare, since who would we be to neigh-say her? Almost. But not quite. Vote for Jamie Driscoll.

The Greens provide the war-crazy Foreign Minister of Germany, and they keep both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in power to round up asylum seekers for transportation, in theory from Britain to Rwanda, but in practice to concentration camps, properly so called, while the Rwanda Plan served its true purpose of being endlessly thwarted in order to rile up the Conservative Partys base. And now, the Greens right to participate in the anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-racist movement depends on their not taking more votes than McGuinnesss margin of victory over Jamie. Vote for Jamie Driscoll.

The explosion in knife crime on McGuinnesss watch is a matter of life and death. She is that bad. As a disabled person, I am excited beyond words at the possibility of Jamie’s Total Transport Network, but as a mixed-race person, I am terrified beyond words at the prospect of McGuinness, since she or one of her supporters might mistake me, or anyone else who was not a pureblood Northern European, for a “Gypsy”. Vote for Jamie Driscoll.

And the North East Mayoral Combined Authority has a population larger than that of 13 European territories that the United Kingdom recognises as sovereign states. If any of those fell under the rule of someone like McGuinness, then there would rightly be international uproar. Vote for Jamie Driscoll.


  1. Maybe Mare McGuinness could be fed to the French? Stop it, that's naughty.

    Good point about Rwanda, yes Britain is now putting them in concentration camps, not the same thing as extermination camps.

    1. Though only if we can find them. "They're not missing, it's just that we have no idea where they are." Who falls for any of this?