Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Bear Reality

"Approaching the UK area of interest." Or, to put it another way, in international airspace. What a complete and utter non-story.

They are losing this one. Ukraine does not foresee a Russian invasion of Ukraine, much less do people in Britain want any part in such a conflict. That invasion keeps being pushed further into the future.

The actual numbers of British and American military personnel being moved around is derisory, although the British figure does indicate how large the British Armed Forces now are, or are not.

If Boris Johnson still needs a distraction, and it is no longer clear that he does, then he is going to have to find another one. As for Liz Truss, she has been shown not to know the difference between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. A Prime Minister in waiting? We may only hope not.

But before it all fell apart, then absolutely no one stood up in the House of Commons and opposed the very concept of a war in or over Ukraine. I am indeed standing again at the next General Election.