Sunday, 7 November 2021

Shattered Steele

Russiagate is in tatters. It was a complete fabrication. A few figures on the American Left, such as Max Blumenthal and Glenn Greenwald, have said so from the start. But it is telling that in the main the Left's real eyes that have realised these real lies have been in Britain.

Over here, we no longer have to make do with people who think that just because Donald Trump was a bad President, then Barack Obama was a good one, or Hillary Clinton would have been a good one, or Joe Biden is a good one, or Kamala Harris would be a good one.

Of course, the people who are back in charge of the Labour Party believe those ridiculous things. But it is still behind the Conservatives even after the last week, so who cares about the Labour Party?


  1. George is crowdfunding a film on this next year.