Sunday, 7 November 2021

Persian Excursion

David Mitchell is entirely correct here. Moreover, it is very high time for Liz Truss or another suitably high profile British politician to board a plane to Tehran, smartphone in hand. Immediately before landing, tweet that there would be no leaving without Zaghari-Ratcliffe and the other British prisoners.

Even while calling for those in a position to do so to lift the sanctions against Iran, or else to stop pretending to be any kind of enemies of Wahhabi terrorism. And who are those people? They are the neoconservative chickenhawks who have decided to party like it's 2002 by calling for British prisoners in Iran to be reclassified as "hostages". Presumably to get them killed, thereby bringing on a war.

A grownup needs to enter the room. Jeremy Hunt? Jeremy Corbyn? Whoever it is going to be had better get on with it.


  1. You would have done this.

    1. And if she is still there when I get in, then I will.