Sunday, 7 November 2021

In The Red

Like thousands of others, the email informing me that I had been a victim of the Labour Party's data breach, in my case 15 years after I had ceased to be a party member, has disappeared from my inbox. 

Meanwhile, the CWU has become the latest union to stop funding the party indiscriminately; instead, it will now pay only for people who advanced its members' interests. The unions are far richer than any cabal of individual donors around Keir Starmer.

There are some very rich liberal lawyers from middle-class backgrounds, but we are not talking about either the landed or the big business type of Tory money here. It is therefore no wonder that Labour, which was healthily solvent when Starmer became Leader, is now on the brink of bankruptcy.


  1. What about Tory funding?

    1. What about it? It is the same as ever, which is not a story. But this is a story.