Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Journey's End

The official media do not carry criticism of Keir Starmer. Have you ever heard or read any? Well, there you are, then. Similarly, they rarely carried criticism of Tony Blair until well into his time as Prime Minister, and even then it was on the wrong grounds.

There has never been a critical biography of Blair. It is 13 years since the end of his 10 years in Downing Street, yet we still have to make do with two extended fan letters, with his own memoirs, and, for any sort of balance, with a work of the kind of genre defiance that only Leo Abse could have produced.

This is what they want for Starmer, too. We have been warned. But my new weekly magazine will be appearing at some point in 2021. And I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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