Saturday, 21 September 2019

Losing The Plot

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson were elected at the same time and by the same people.

It is greatly to be regretted that neither of them has made the effort to build what might have been. Although neither of them has been anything like as bad as his own shriller supporters.

The position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party was created in questionable circumstances, and there have always been people who have wanted to abolish it.

Corbyn's shriller supporters have now joined their number. Thereby declaring that they have no hope of ever managing to win the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party.

In which case, Laura who?


  1. Thornberry turned up wearing an EU flag. What a ridiculous chimps tea party.

    1. Be fair, no, she didn't. It just looked that way, like the Queen's hat that time.

      This Conference has not started well, and it is unlikely to improve very much. But nothing will compare to next week's End of Days affair, after the Supreme Court ruling and everything.