Friday, 20 September 2019

A Healthy Development

I am told that the Department of Health and Social Care intends to progress the Shotley Bridge scheme with an identified funding source, although I do not yet know who or what that is. The Pre-Consultation Business Case in expected by the end of 2019, to be followed by the assurance processes and then by the public consultation. 

Onwards to that, then. The first major campaign in which I was ever involved, including my first ever appearance on television, was in defence of Shotley Bridge Hospital. More than 20 years later, my view remains fundamentally unchanged.

That site is coming to the end of its natural life. These things happen. But the proximity of the Lanchester and Langley Park areas to Dryburn, and the relative proximity of the Stanley area both to Dryburn and to Chester-le-Street, mean that at least the same range of services must be relocated within the Consett area.

To be clear, while there was always going to have to be a new site eventually and that time is now upon us, we need to protect the coverage of this area both at Durham and at Consett. At least the same range of services must be retained at Durham, and at least the same range of services must be relocated within the Consett area. We can do this. So let’s do it.

After nearly 30 years of suggestion, speculation, and even a sort of preparation, I will stand for Parliament here at North West Durham. In the coming hung Parliament, I would not support any Government that did not guarantee at least the level of hospital provision in Consett in July 2019. The crowdfunding page is here, and buy the book here. Please email Very many thanks.

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