Thursday, 19 September 2019

All Your Wounds From Craving Love Exist Because Of Heroic Deeds

It was either the Iranians or the Houthis, so it was Iran one way or another. And yet where is the American retaliation?

The House of Saud is desperate for a war with Iran, and equally desperate not to have to fight it. It had thought that its dad was bigger than anyone else's dad. But it turns out to have no dad. Much as we had always known.

The days when the United States was ruled, either by a family that was all but related to the House of the Saud, or by a power couple who openly stated that they would nuke Iran if so instructed by their Saudi, Kuwaiti and Emirati campaign donors, now seem much longer ago than they really were.

Through Jundallah and its various splinters, Iran is already one of the many victims of the terrorism that Saudi Arabia inspires, directs and funds. Clearly, it is the one that has finally had enough and, being best placed to do so, has bombed the money wells. And equally clearly, none of the others, including the United States, has the slightest sympathy for the Saudis, at least not so as to cause any of them to come to the Nightmare Kingdom's practical assistance.

Prince Mohammad should count himself lucky that only the Iranians' patience has snapped. His American, Russian, British, French, Chinese, Indian and even Pakistani victims have nuclear weapons, even if those obviously do have no deterrent value.

Meanwhile, most British politicians remain as deep as ever in the pockets of the House of Saud. Even Jeremy Corbyn has never brought back to the floor of the House of Commons the matter of the war against Yemen. Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it. A new party is now in the process of registration.

After nearly 30 years of suggestion, speculation, and even a sort of preparation, I will stand for Parliament here at North West Durham. The crowdfunding page is here, and buy the book here. Please email Very many thanks.

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