Friday 7 December 2018

But Not Really

Channel 4's The Real Brexit Debate is to feature Jacob Rees-Mogg as the No Deal speaker. They obviously could not get anyone who had ever been a Minister, not even either of the ostentatiously resigned Brexit Secretaries. What does that tell you? 

And what does it tell you that, in Caroline Lucas, Remain gets a speaker? We are heading towards a referendum between Theresa May's deal and Remain. And even Remain would be preferable to May's deal. This gives me no pleasure. But it is the truth. 

There is no point saying that you would not vote in such a referendum. There could be a turnout of three. But if one of them voted one way, and the other two the other, then the other would win. 

Rees-Mogg is entertaining, but he is nothing more than that. The Remainers are the real Conservatives. They are the ones who always control the party in the end. The next Conservative Leader will be the next Remainer in line. 

The Conservatives do not do Leadership Elections. As anyone else understands the term, they have only ever had two, and the more recent one, the last of any kind to date, was won by David Cameron, who beat David Davis. There will be another coronation. It is what they believe in.


  1. Jacob Rees-Mogg is by far the most eloquent and articulate of the Hard Brexit faction. But he’s wrong to support No Deal when so much of our legal system and supply chains are intertwined with Europe.

    Norway offers an escape from the EU and it’s customs union without disrupting our trade.

    1. Good morning, Amber Rudd. Nice of you to join us.

  2. It should have been Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Theresa May on the BBC debate. That would have been a real debate between a Remainer and a genuine Leaver. He’d have forensically demolished her “deal” better than anyone else.

    Failing that, David Davis or Iain Duncan-Smith would have made excellent opponents.