Monday 3 September 2018

Time To Terminate

For decades, abortion has kept Americans voting Republican, resulting in absolutely no change whatever to America's abortion law.

And now, abortion also keeps Americans voting Democrat, convincing them that they have to vote for those who lavished praise on John McCain, rather than for the proponents of economic justice and of international peace.

Otherwise, you see, those nasty Republicans might ban abortion. Even though they never have yet.

This is all a racket, and both parties are in on it.


  1. The Republicans can’t ban abortion. Only the Supreme Court can overturn Roe v Wade. Republican states have passed the toughest restrictions possible.

    Brett Kavanagh is a game-changer, though. If the Republicans can get a second pro life Supreme Court nominee in a row onto the bench it would be a 5-4 conservative majority.

    The Democrats will fight this one tooth and nail.

    1. They might, but not for that reason.

      Reagan appointed three supporters of abortion to the Supreme Court. Three. It's all a con. A con that both parties are now playing.