Sunday 30 September 2018

Family Values?

It always used to be said, more or less accurately, that the Conservative Party was a business, but the Labour Party was a family. Or that the Labour Party was a family, but the Conservative Party was a business. 

The order depended on the point that the speaker was making. In either case, though, it was a point well made.

Yet Brandon Lewis has just called the Conservative Party "a family", in one of many features of this Conference that are eerily reminiscent of a Labour one 10 or so years ago, but with a much smaller and older audience. 

Then again, the people who attended Labour Party Conferences 10 years ago are by definition older now. 

And today, they have been addressed by an old Minister under Gordon Brown who is still not a member of the Conservative Party.

He shrieked against Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, of course. But he regurgitated their policies, diluted in the regurgitation. Expect those to be the two themes of this week.

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