Wednesday 5 September 2018

Pickled Panic

Pity the poor old GRU, which can no longer stretch to non-Russian aliases or to non-Russian passports. There are people who believe this rubbish, you know. They walk among us.

Theresa May is in quite the pickle. So here come the Skipals again. But that in itself shows that she knows nothing about the country that she purports to lead. 

There is going to be another hung Parliament. We all know that, even if the Prime Minister does not. That is what Britain now looks like. The Leadership of either party is immaterial to it. 

But the Conservatives have invested so much in destroying Jeremy Corbyn that failure to beat him outright, never mind seeing him lead Labour to the status of the single largest party, might destroy them. If not forever, then certainly for a very long time.

Every summer, there is a wave of anti-Corbyn media hysteria. Then every September, he is re-elected as Leader, or his allies achieve a clean sweep for the NEC, or both, and life goes on. Labour would now collapse without him. He is the point.

As an organisation, the Conservative Party just does not know very much about Britain anymore. It is starting to realise that fact, and it is starting to panic.

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