Thursday, 11 February 2016

Happy Returns

Dennis Skinner is 84 today, and Bryan Gould is 77.

True leaders of the opposition to the EU, who were right when the johnny-come-latelies were wrong.

And who have always been right for the right reasons. As most of the johnny-come-latelies still are not, to this day.


  1. Indeed, where are the straight bananas? But everything the Labour Left and a section of the Old Labour Right said has come true word for word from when they first said it, back when almost all Tories and their big business backers were where they are again today.

    1. And that, in itself, is exactly as they always predicted.

      If the Remain side wins, and it very probably will, then that will be because of the media concentration on the almost entirely newfangled Tory and wish-they-were-still-Tory opposition, a cast of characters from Little Britain and The League of Gentlemen.

      That can only be a strategic decision, since it is not as if there is no one else.