Thursday, 11 February 2016

Give Up Fruitcakes For Lent

Unison refuses to fund the campaign to remain in the EU.

And Jeremy Corbyn "is not expected" to appear at any pro-EU events, leaving them to Gordon Brown instead.

All that we need now is for the broadcast media, in particular, to stop paying attention to fruitcakes, and bring on the people whose fact-based case against the EU has been proved right from the very start.

If they make that George Galloway, who correctly pointed out to Stephen Kinnock on The Sunday Politics that he had campaigned for a No vote in 1975 alongside Neil Kinnock, then so be it.

Who is it supposed to be instead? David Davis, an MP who voted in favour of Maastricht? Nigel Lawson, a senior Cabinet Minister at the time of Margaret Thatcher's Single European Act, and who went on, with Thatcher, to take Britain into the ERM?

It is not as if there is no one else available.

1 comment:

  1. You are so desperate to endorse George. Did you see Ken's Standard article that called for a vote "for Jeremy Corbyn's vision" but didn't mention the Labour candidate once?

    Anyhow, George has been elected to Parliament six times, Farage has failed to be elected seven times. It's obvious who is the leader of the No campaign.