Thursday, 19 February 2015

H For Hillary

And for HSBC.

As well as for Human Rights Abuses, since she is also, as ever, funded by the Gulf tyrannies, bastions of feminism that they are.

Come on, Democrats. The Republicans have no one who could beat her, so it is up to you.

Were she anyone else, then her economic views would now place her on the Outer Right of the party, while her foreign policy views would now place her altogether outside it.

Her support for abortion would not preclude her from receiving the Republican nomination, which went to Mitt Romney last time and to John McCain the time before that.

Her belated and unenthusiastic conversion to same-sex marriage would now be a positive hindrance within the Republican Party, precisely because of its tardiness and lukewarmness.

Jeb Bush may yet have to sing his support from the rooftops if he wants to be in with a chance. His continuing adherence to what was the view of Barack Obama until well into his time in the White House is now considered an obstacle to advancement on the other side of the aisle.

It says it all about Hillary Clinton that the figures cited as serious rivals for the Democratic nomination are both to her left in economic and foreign policy terms, yet one of those, the one currently seeming more likely to run, was a national security official in the Reagan Administration.

A national security official in the Reagan Administration is a more left-wing and peace-minded Democrat than Hillary Clinton.

She must be stopped. She simply must be stopped.

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