Friday, 20 February 2015

Going On Before

Evangelical Protestants put Labour as their first choice for the General Election.

One of the most socially conservative sections of the electorate, indeed by far the most so to have any significant presence within the White British ethnic group.

Last time, they took over the Constituency Labour Party in what had previously been the bellwether constituency of Luton South, where the sitting MP was in any case retiring.

They installed as the candidate their pastor, Gavin Shuker, who was then still in his twenties. They then got out enough to votes to add to the Labour tally and hold the seat, the biggest surprise of the night.

He has held the line on same-sex marriage and on three-parent babies. He voted to recognise Palestine. Well, of course he did. Don't you know anything about Evangelical theology?

And he is on course to be an International Development Minister under Ed Miliband, whom he nominated for Leader. He has close ties to Blue Labour.

Clearly, he is a mainstream and rising figure in the party that Miliband is continuing to create.

Expect to see a lot more such figures like him.

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