Thursday, 19 February 2015

And That's The Way He Likes It

Oh, what fun.

I am disgusted that he is defiling Fuller's London Pride by drinking it. I have been known to bow my head in reverence while on a coach that was passing the Fuller's brewery. Its products are among my very favourite things about visiting London.

It turns out that he and his brother were well-known supporters of UKIP at Millfield. £30,000 per annum. At least two of them.

He is now in the City. The Daily Mail has a picture of his parents' pad in Surrey.

Before anyone points out that there are poor people in Surrey, not with houses like that, there aren't. Nor with at least two sons at Millfield simultaneously.

The sport of the working man, eh?

And his new party?

Thankfully, it is behind in all four of its target seats (yes, it has all of four), and it is reduced to crowing that it might come second in two of them.

Second. In fully half of its target seats. Meaning second in a whopping two seats. And first in none.


  1. That expose was hilariously desperate-the idea that no people who get drunk on trains support Labour the Tories or Lib Dems.

    You damage any credibility you ever had when you fall for that sort of transparent media nonsense.

    1. Oooohhhh, a raw nerve has been touched, has it not?

  2. Me? We've been laughing all day about this in the office. Nobody serious believes it (Like nobody except you bought that endless stream of "scoops" from Lynton Crosby before UKIP stormed to victory in the European elections).

    I was merely offering good advice.

    1. What, is the picture a fake? Or was he not a known Kipper at the school that he very lately left?

  3. I think you've slightly missed the point somewhere.

    Football fans who get drunk on trains are not exclusive to one party-unless you believe everything you read. Which you apparently do.

    Heavens, a 5 year old child has more scepticism than you.

    1. Leaders of serious parties don't get photographed them.

  4. Chelsea have the richest fans in the Premier League

  5. Are people on here drawing some distinction between David Lindsay and the mainstream media? There is none, he has far more friends in the MSM than the blogosphere, which he doesn't seem to like very much and a lot of which has banned him.

    He carries over material from blogs but they are the Establishment kind, either attached to print newspapers and magazines or very closely connected to one or more like Left Foot Forward or Spiked.

    He wants to be in the papers, he wants to be on television, he would love to be on Radio 4, he already has the voice for it.

    He is not remotely anti-Establishment politically either. Again look who his friends are. He was the ultimate machine man all the way back to school but his machine broke down when Neil Fleming tampered with the engine.

    He has never claimed to be any kind of insurgent and he is not. The idea of him as a rebel is laughable to those of us who have known him for 25 years.

    He was the rebelled against, a natural authority figure from his early teens until it all went horribly wrong in his mid twenties when someone questioned his entitlement and has been punished for it by his mates ever since.

    David Lindsay thinks he should be a front bencher or leading back bencher with three weekly columns and regular spots on the BBC. He would have been, he can't understand why he isn't, he behaves like he is because that is his only way of coping.

    1. Neil Fleming deserves everything he gets for stabbing Mr. Lindsay in the back. He lost that council seat, Mr. Lindsay would have held it. Where is Fleming now? Some gopher for the Labour party, not allowed out in public, nearly 40 and not going to be an MP this time, if he gets in next time he'll be the kind of age Blair was he became Prime Minister. No career at all, serves him right, he did the public a disservice, Mr. Lindsay should have been our councillor then MP and a very big player in politics and the media. Fleming bloody isn't is he? He's a total nobody.